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Sweeten your party with a unique cake!

Each cake is individual, which I create according to your wishes. My decorations are all handmade. The custom cakes are usually covered with fondant. I do not use ready-made baking mixes in my kitchen. Only fresh and high quality products and only free range eggs are used.

Round Cake

16 cm for 12 servings (price from CHF 110.-)

20cm for 22 servings (price from CHF 115.-)

24cm for 32 servings (price from CHF 136.-)

26cm for 38 servings (price from CHF 148.-)

30cm for 50 servings (price from CHF 174.-)

Square Cake

15cm x 15cm for 15 servings (price from CHF 112.-)

20cm x 20cm for 28 servings (price from CHF 120.-)

25cm x 25cm for 45 servings (price from CHF 155.-)

3D Shape (Carved Cake)

(price from CHF 150.-)


Pick-up in Liestal: free of charge


Delivery within Liestal: free of charge


Delivery outside of Liestal: CHF 1.50/ Km

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