I design and create custom cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, macarons and french pastry.

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About me

I have always loved sweets and to this day I can't keep my hands off them. As a child I already had my first baking experiences and this enthusiasm and great passion for sweet delicacies has grown from year to year.

My name is Anne Nashed, I am a primary school teacher and about 8 years ago I taught myself how to create cakes and desserts mainly by "learning by doing".  In 2017 I completed the baking diploma at the Richemont School in Lucerne.


Since I am French, I am a huge fan of the french pastry. The most beautiful thing for me is when people give me a smile and a sparkle in their eyes just by looking at my creations, without words, and then close their eyes while trying them. 

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Liestal, Switzerland